How To Prepare Yourself For A Visit To The Podiatrist

The reason why podiatrists usually get a bad rep is because people consider their field of expertise as the most disguising part of their body; aka feet. However, without them, it would be much more difficult to resolve any issues concerning not only our feet but legs as well.

Since the foot doctors have basically seen it all, you do not have to be shy to schedule a podiatrist appointment. If you are looking for a good foot clinic you could check out or any other podiatry clinic in your area that has a good reputation.

It is very important that you take proper care of your feet as an athlete

There is really no reason why you would not trust a podiatrist to do his job correctly because before becoming a foot doctor they had to go through 8 years of school and then 3 years of residency. This means that they are quite trustworthy when it comes to problem-related to our feet. But, you still need to know these important things before visiting a foot doctor.

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If you are planning to visit your podiatrist, there are a couple of things you might want to take care of or prepare, in advance. This includes:

  1. Making a list of your symptoms and any other foot-related questions you want to ask your podiatrist.
  2. Making a list of any medications you have been taking, as well as surgeries you’ve had, because in some cases, this information could help the doctor.
  3. Bringing any important lab results, medical records, MRIs, X-rays and anything else you’ve gotten from other hospitals or doctors, especially the information connected to your feet.
  4. Checking with your insurance, because in many cases you can get the checkup covered, but you will have to go to the podiatrist your insurance company suggests.
  5. Bringing your exercise or walking shoes, because often times the shoes are actually the main cause of the problem. If you go to a good foot clinic with the best foot doctor Sydney like Orthotic Solutions Podiatry or any other podiatry clinic with a good reputation, they will tell you all the important things linked with your exercise equipment and feet.
  6. This should go without saying, but you should always visit your podiatrist with clean feet, this means that the feet need to be thoroughly washed and dried so that your podiatrist will be able to examine them without any problem.

Sometimes, the shoes we wear are the reason we have pain in our feet or legs

Things you do not have to do:

  1. Women usually think that they need to shave their legs when going to the podiatrist, but the foot doctor does not care if your legs are hairy. Especially since having hairy legs is a sign that you are healthy, while the loss of hair indicates some problems.
  2. Getting a pedicure is another thing you need to avoid. You have to show the podiatrist your feet as they are, and a pedicure might hide important symptoms.
  3. Painting or cutting your nails is another thing that you should not do. It is okay for you to cut your nails, but not too short, because a doctor might have to take samples, and painting nails will just cover whatever might be wrong with your feet.

Final word

Don’t be shy to write down the questions you want to ask your podiatrist, because many times people tend to forget what they wanted to discuss. It is very important that you have regular podiatry visits, especially if you already have a condition that worsens the case; such as diabetes.

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