Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Dermal Fillers

For some reason, people tend to confuse fillers with Botox, but they are far from being the same thing. If you really want to know why people have been more into dermal fillers than Botox, you should check out the services provided by a good medical center, such as Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne. There are plenty of other cosmetic procedures that might help you enhance your appearance.

First of all, Botox is a procedure that will freeze your muscles, making you unable to even create wrinkles, while injectable fillers will replace the volume of your skin that was lost over time, which automatically lifts your skin and makes it plumper. In addition, dermal fillers give a much more natural look than Botox.

There are many beauty procedures that can enhance your beauty

  1. Very old procedure

What many do not know is that injections have been used for over hundreds of years. They were invented in the 1800s by a surgeon called Robert Gersuny in Austria, as he was known to experiment with mineral oil, today known as Vaseline, together with paraffin as he used that as soft tissue filler. This practice became quite popular in the late 1920s.

  1. 2nd most popular procedure in 2015

You already know that dermal fillers are the best option for making your skin wrinkle-free, as they were the most popular nonsurgical cosmetic procedure in 2015, and that says a lot. Make sure to explore the other cosmetic procedures, since there are tons today.

  1. Soft tissue fillers can be natural

Hyaluronic and collagen acids are actually naturally derived dermal fillers that you can get today. In fact, Hyaluronic acid is already naturally produced in your body, and it became FDA approved dermal filler in 2003. The collagen fillers were approved by FDA in 1981, and they can be both human and bovine-derived.

  1. There are many cosmetic procedures today

Before you just blindly choose a procedure you think you need, you should talk to your doctor. There are plenty of procedures that could help you out, for example, you can get one of the best lower eyelid surgery in Melbourne by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, and that can help influence your appearance and make you look much younger.

You can also have your eyebrows tattooed professionally

  1. The effects are temporary

This should already be obvious, but in case you did not know the effects of this will not last forever. They are overall temporary, from the procedures that last for a couple of months to those that last a couple of years. This is yet another thing that you need to discuss with your doctor.

  1. It is hard to over-do it

Now, we have all seen the celebrities who look like plastic dolls, but that is not what these fillers are all about. There are rules to how much you need them according to your age, so the plastic people walking among us are the ones who probably did not listen to their doctor.

  1. Breast and buttocks fillers are not FDA approved

While dermal fillers were approved, as it was mentioned, but the breast or buttocks injections are not actually approved by the FDA. People want to have their buttocks and breasts enhanced with a more natural way, but that is not as easy as they make it sound.

Final word

The most important thing with any cosmetic procedure is that you go to a clinic or a doctor you trust because they will be the one handling the procedure for you. There are some possible side effects of dermal fillers, and they need to be discussed before the procedure takes place.

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