How Anxiety Affects Your Sexual Life

Anxiety, or a fear and apprehension characterized by psychological, cognitive and physical symptoms, is a form of daily stress, which can result in significant impairment of normal life activity. It also plays an important role in pathogenesis and maintenance of sexual dysfunctions. And this has an explanation:

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Distress. Sexual desire is a happy emotion, whereas anxiety is a negative one. These two emotions cannot coexist, i.e. it is very difficult to experience positive emotions when you are distressed. Anxiety makes mind to focus more on the negative, making it more difficult to overcome it with positive emotions.

Anxious arousal. Daily anxiety can trigger sexual dysfunction due to the fact that it often leads to performance anxiety with a partner. Besides having premature ejaculation, you may struggle to get any arousal at all. More details on anxiety and sexual dysfunction treatments are available on

Hormone alteration. When a person is worrying, his body releases certain chemicals into the bloodstream. One of such chemicals is adrenaline whose excess serves a dirty trick where sex is concerned. It constricts blood vessels diminishing blood flow to the penis, making it difficult to get an erection. Essentially, hormone changes affect the body in different ways and can entail low sex drive, premature ejaculation and weak erection. In order to gain confidence many buy drugs online to ensure erection stability and stop early ejaculation.

Mental distraction. Anxiety causes the mind to be distracted by different anxiety-related thoughts, making it much harder to have sexual desire, feel the moment and enjoy sex. Moreover, anxiety affects how brain signals response to arousal. In other words, anxiety can interrupt how the brain sends messages to the penis to allow for increased blood flow. Above that, a distracted lover is inattentive, which can make you feel more of a failure. And even if you manage to get aroused, you may be too distracted to reach orgasm.

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