Hiring a mobile massage in London – and why it’s a great idea

Okay, let’s address the elephant in the room first. Not only is there no shame in hiring a mobile massage in London, but it’s actually a jolly good idea.

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To elaborate: there’s nothing seedy about mobile massage in London. We’re talking about sports and therapeutic mobile massage, the type that benefits:-

Benefits of massage are many and you can go for it by checking out realmassage.net.

  • sportsmen and women
  • fitness instructors and coaches
  • executives
  • elderly people
  • people in ill-health, or with existing health conditions
  • anyone that wants to relax and unwind

How could hiring a mobile massage in London benefit me?


By hiring a mobile massage in London, an experienced medical professional will visit. No more fake or inexperienced staff, no shady deals and no empty promises.

A trained, experienced mobile massage therapist will be well versed in different therapies. Deep tissue massage, Reiki and many other treatments are available when hiring a mobile massage in London.


Home, at work, or at the gym, by hiring a mobile massage in London you can receive treatment when and where you wish.

Many mobile massage therapists offer evening/out of hours appointments to cater for busy lifestyles.

By hiring a mobile massage in London for where and when you choose is more convenient than travelling.


Mobile massage in London is a growing business, with many professional practitioners. So, therapists can offer terrific service at reasonable rates, keeping costs low.

When you factor in time saved, hiring a mobile massage in London proves to be very convenient and cost-effective.

How do I go about hiring a mobile massage in London?

Of course, you should only choose a reputable mobile provider.

Our advice is to check online, particularly looking for great testimonials. Look for companies that offer wide geographic coverage, and good availability.

Most mobile massage in London offer short-notice appointments. 60 to 90 minutes is often the ‘target availability’ most reputable providers can offer.

It helps to know what type of mobile massage therapy you need before booking. Most reputable mobile massage providers have websites showing details of all treatments.

Reflexology, Thai massage, Deep Tissue are three of the most common types of massage.

Once you know what massage you need, you can book at a time and place suitable to you. Most mobile massage providers in London offer online bookings. Telephone bookings are possible, although it’s often easier to check availability online.

Payment for mobile massage in London is often at the point of delivery or by prior deposit. If you need regular appointments, it’s also possible to set up accounts.

Once you’ve made your booking, it’s time to relax and wait for your mobile massage in London – and enjoy the benefits!

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