Health Screening That Every Women Should Have

It is important for all the women to make time for themselves for some healthy habits like stress management, regular exercise and having the right diet. One of the good habits includes making a routine health screening to detect health problems right at an early age. Regular screening will help you save your life. Detecting disease at an early age will help in preventing the risks of the disease. There are many clinics that do a health screening for women like the women’s health screening package Singapore.

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Screenings That Every Women Should Get

Below here are few screenings that every woman should get in order to remain healthy

Blood Pressure Screening

The ideal reading of the blood pressure is 120/80. If the reading is below this then there will be some problem. The reading should be done in every two years starting from the age of 20. For the adults, women who are at the age of 40 or above suffering from obesity should do this reading annually

Cholesterol Screening

Checking of cholesterol will help women in assessing the risk of stroke or any other heart disease. If you are 20 years or above then it is important that your cholesterol should be measured in every five years. The ideal amount of cholesterol in the body should be around 200 milligrams per decilitre. If you are at the risk of having a heart disease then it is important that you consult a doctor about how often are you going to have this screening.


A mammogram is basically a screening for breast cancer. It involves the compressing of breasts between two plates in order to take X-ray images. It has been a major topic of discussion that how often a woman should do these screenings. As the risk of breast cancer for women increases with the increase in age but the results from the frequent screening do more harm to the patient than good. It is important that starting at the age of 50, a woman should have this screening every two years. However, if you have a family history of the disease then it is important to consult doctors at an early age.

Bone Density Screening

Osteoporosis is one of the common diseases in the women who are at the age of 50 or above. Women should start bone density screening in order to detect the disease. Those women who have the risk factor of osteoporosis such as low body weight and fractures should be screened at an early age. The frequency of this type of screening depends on the density of the bone and other risk factors.

Blood Glucose Test

Women who are at the age of 45 or above should do the blood glucose test every three years in order to detect the prediabetes or diabetes. The range of the normal tests might vary but if the reading of the test indicates 100mg/dl then it says that you might be prediabetic and if the reading is more than 126mg/dl then it indicates that you are suffering from diabetes.

 These screenings are very must for each and every woman in order to enjoy a healthy life. You can also look for the women’s health screening package Singapore for better screening.

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