Getting A Avuncular DNA Test Done

The avuncular DNA test is done using the DNA (genetic material) of a child to be compared with another person to make sure that they both are related to each other and are an aunt or uncle of the child. The word avuncular means resembling an uncle, this was used by the experts who tested parentage. 

Why do people get an avuncular DNA test done?

In many situations, avuncular DNA tests are performed to know the paternity. By doing so you get to know whether or not the biological brother of a person tested is the biological father of the kid, this can be done in case the father is incarcerated, unavailable, or unwilling to get a sibling DNA test done. 

How do the kids get genes inherited from the father?

As a Paternity DNA test is done, it is said that the kid gets half of the genes from their biological dad, and for that same reason, it is scientifically possible that you have inherited genes from your father’s full siblings as well. 

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Is the avuncular DNA test accurate?

It is necessary to understand the fact that it is hard to get a conclusive result out of avuncular tests. 

It has a reason behind this is that even when they have the same parents, a full sibling of the father may not be genetically similar to the father and may have numerous genes inherited that the father has not inherited. 

Is there any conclusive Avuncular DNA test?

There are conclusive avuncular DNA tests, one of which is when the relationship that is being tested is done between two men, in these cases the level of achieving a conclusive result is on a high margin. Checking the relationship between a male child and his uncle can now be done.

For this kind of relationship, there is a specialized DNA test done, which is named Y-STR and Y-chromosomes. Y chromosomes are found in men that are passed from a father to their biological son. And as a result of the inherited pattern, the full brother gets the Y-chromosomes from the dad which is the same as the son’s inheritance. 

Getting to know your relationship with your family without your father’s DNA is also easy from now on. You just need to take a simple DNA test done at home or in the lab and you would have the result in a short period of time. 

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