Finding the Right Medical Products for Your Elderly Parent

Are you the main caregiver for your parent or loved one? Managing all of their care is likely at the top of your priority list. Juggling doctor’s appointments and caring for their everyday needs can seem overwhelming at times. That’s why you need to be in contact with companies that can fulfill your needs and make life a little easier. Because each person has different personal and medical needs, you need to find a company that can help you purchase the correct items. Here are a few medical supplies you may be in need of and how to get them.

Meeting with Your Doctor

Is your loved one in need of specialized medical supplies? If so, getting the right supplies from companies like and having equipment delivered to your home starts with your primary care doctor. He will make a complete evaluation and diagnosis if needed. Suggestions will be made in regards to what plan of care is needed to help treat your loved one’s medical condition or disability. One of the main things the doctor will look at is if the activities for daily living or ADLs are being met. This includes:

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  • Going to the bathroom independently
  • Cleaning up and grooming every day
  • Walking and remaining mobile around the home
  • Preparing meals and feeding oneself every day
  • Transferring in and out of bed to a chair, walker, wheelchair

From there, some adjustments may have to made such as making the home more handicap accessible. Wheelchair ramps and adding secure handrails throughout the home may be recommended. Many companies specialize in upgrading homes to be more handicap accessible. This has changed over the past 20 years or so, as contractors have seen an increase in seniors who are living and functioning independently in their own homes.

Ostomy Supplies

Diseases that affect the digestive system are increasing as are conditions that affect the colon and bowels. As we age, our risk for developing sensitivities to certain foods can irritate the colon, leading to break down. Being at risk for developing colon cancer as you age is a concern for many people. If your loved one has had colon cancer, or is fighting it, surgery may be the only option. Some surgery may include removing some or all of the colon. 

If this is the case, an ostomy will be created. This starts with the intestines being rerouted to the abdominal wall, where feces or urine will exit the body. If your loved one has one or more stomas, they will need specialized wafers and bags to fulfill their personal care needs. These can be difficult to track down. It can also be challenging to find products that work correctly. Contacting a local or online home medical supply company is the best way to get the products and accessories you’ll need to make sure your parent is comfortable around the clock.

Diabetic Care

Diabetes affects around 29 million people in the U.S, according to the CDC. Diabetes affects the endocrine system and causes the body to have difficulty processing insulin to control blood glucose levels. Elderly people are particularly susceptible to developing diabetes.  The best way to deal with diabetes is to control it. This starts with testing the blood sugar each day. Your doctor will recommend how many times you should test; sometimes it can be at least three times a day. Getting the right diabetic testing supplies for your loved one is important. This starts with testing strips, a meter, and a lancet device. Choose a company that automatically ships supplies monthly for a no-hassle re-supply.

Durable Medical Equipment

Covering basic medical care can be overwhelming for an elderly person, especially if they are struggling with health issues. Ordering DME or durable medical equipment can be difficult too. Over-the-bed tables, lift chairs, walkers, wheelchairs, and shower benches are just some of the many pieces of equipment available to elderly patients. Blood pressure machines, oxygen tanks, and diabetic socks are other items your loved one needs as well. If your loved one is signing on with a home health care agency, the agency nurse or social worker will be able to create a plan of care to generate the correct supplies and order for DME.

Taking care of a loved one doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Reach out to your loved one’s medical care team and ask for help if you need it.

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