Eight Qualities That Make a Great Care Home

Choosing the right care home for a family member or friend is no easy task. You need reassurance that the care home you choose, whether at North Devon Care Homes in Queensland, Ohio or anywhere else in the world is reputable, professional, caring, and will be a happy home for your loved one to move to. For a better understanding of what makes a great care home, here are eight points to consider.

Qualified Staff

Trained staff, with experience of working within a care home environment that are background checked should be the top priority to take note of on your search for a good care home. This is to ensure that each member of staff is equipped and safe to work with vulnerable people.

Staff/Resident Interaction

On your visits to different care homes pay attention to each employees interactions with the residents. They should know the names of the elderly and vice-versa. And the elderly should look comfortable and happy in the presence of all the employees.

Activities and Events

A care home that’s invested in the wellbeing of its residents will have a schedule of activities on offer, giving the elderly the chance to interact with one another and make friends. Whether playing board games, organizing movie events, trips to the park or the zoo; interaction and fun is what will make an elderly persons stay at a care home a happy one.

Health Care

Usually, within a good care home environment, there will be registered nurses available on call for minor incidents and treatments. Also, routine appointments will be organized by the care home with the GP, dentist, and optician. This is to check each resident is fit and healthy, and to catch any issues before they become more serious.

Personalized Space

Within a care home, each person will be allocated their own room. A quality care home will encourage its residents to personalize their own space: whether hanging family pictures or displaying a collection of memorabilia. This will have a positive impact on a person’s wellbeing and give them a sense of comfort and belonging in a care home.


It’s expected within a care home that the facilities are always clean, well maintained and safe for all residents to use. A care home operated by a conscientious manager will also have plans in place to update and upgrade the existing facilities in the future.


In a care home environment, excellent communication is necessary between residents, staff, health care professionals, social workers, and families. This is to ensure each resident receives attention tailored to their individual needs.

Independence and Options

If possible, retaining a large amount of freedom when living in a care home is a massive priority for the elderly. Whether offering a variety of meals to choose from or asking the elderly what activities they want more of in the home. A nursing home that actively encourages freedom and choice for each of its residents is a sign that the care home is a great place to stay.

The above eight points reveal a home that fosters a professional, well maintained, nurturing, and inclusive environment.

Peter Simpson

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