Effect of Armod on the Neurotransmitters

Recent researches in the field of neuroscience have come up with valuable facts about some drugs that have the ability to improve the cognitive functions which undergo negative impact from certain pathological situations. With such information in hand, people are using the non-medical smart drugs more and more as these do not have harmful side effects. You can now improve your memory, attentiveness, cognitive performances, and learning ability by using these drugs. There are some well-known psychostimulants which have received approval from the FDA. Hence, doctors are now also prescribing these drugs to treat various mental illness and sleeping disorders.

Buying your preferred drugs

Now that there are online medical shops like RXShopMD, you can read the complete information about each drug and buy the one which will suit you the best. The chemical structure of the drug is present in the web page. There is a thorough description of the medicine and its effects. It will help you to relate the symptoms that you have and whether the dose is apt to cure your problems. The preferred dosage is also mentioned on the website which will prevent you from the over-intake of the medication. You can also go through the list of conditions which will not support the medicine.

Effect on the neurotransmitters

The composition of Armod is such that it can directly inhibit a few transporter systems of the neurotransmitters which will cause a rise in the monoamine transmission level. The drug induces a change in the neurotransmission pathway which will activate the receptors as well as some cerebral pathways which play a vital role for modulation of the cognitive functions. The simple molecule can indirectly or directly affect the neurotransmitter system. The neurotransmitters are responsible for the transmission of various reflex actions or responses towards the stimuli.

Effect on dopamine-related activities

There are various brain pathways involved in the dopaminergic system of your body. There is a dense concentration of the DA neurons in the midbrain area including the ventral tegmental area and the substantia nigra. From these areas, the axons of the nerve cells project into the respective terminal space. The DA neurotransmission is responsible for various essential brain functions that include somatomotor activities, memory, emotions, learning, and motivations. Thus a problem in this transmission can cause severe diseases like Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia. That is why the Armodafinil can work wonders for such patients.


In vitro, the medicine never stimulates the DA release from any preloaded synaptosomes. Conversely in the in vivo condition, the drug shows a repeated increase of DA levels in the front portion of the cortex which clearly suggests that the medicine targets the brain for cognitive function improvement. DA is the best potential substrate to impart synaptic plasticity and the underlying mechanisms for memory boosting. The medication also induces wakefulness in a person which again activates the orexin system. All the experiments always indicate that your brain receives the perfect boost by the intake of this particular drug.

Peter Simpson

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