Dental Phobic Goes a Long Way in Making the Status of Your Teeth Worse

Statistics show that nearly 1 in every 25 people has “dental-phobia”. And this has probably many from visiting the dentist on a regular basis. This leads to many problems with your teeth when compared to visiting your dentist every year.

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Help with dental phobia

This problem with dental fear has been recognised by dentist today and new methods have been developed to put the patient at ease, so they don’t develop “dental-phobia”. Now, they are helping you to relax, decrease anxiety and pain free dentistry. This is done by several methods.

Pain-free injection

If you have a fear of needles, the dentist will use an aesthetic gel, spray or rinse that can numbs the area before he gives you the shot. This aesthetics also can give relieve to an over sensitive mouth. Studies have shown that the needle hurts more when the dentist is too fast with the shot. There is also a new machine, known as The Wand that delivers a slow, steady injection. This makes less pain for most patients.

Spa experience

Many dentists now offer virtual reality headsets that wrap around and will have you absorbed in games, movies or music videos the entire time the dentist work.


Many dentists use what is called aroma therapy and have machines in their offices, too. Studies show that lavender and orange fragrances can calm anxiety and stress of the dentist. Rather than hearing drills or metallic smell of tools, you hear breeze blowing over a field of fragrant lavender.

Complete relaxation

Most dentist and patients prefer the use of nitrous oxide commonly referred to as “laughing gas.” It is the favourite of most patients. You inhale gas through your nose during the entire process and not afraid of anything. You are back to normal after a short rest and can drive yourself home.

Painless dentistry

These are just a few methods being used for more painless dentistry.

Peter Simpson

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