Common Wrong Myths About Invisalign Treatment

You may be surprised to know how many people refuse to have traditional orthodontic treatment as they aren’t interested in its metallic appearance. Having crooked and misaligned teeth can be a severe problem, affecting your confidence when you want to smile. Furthermore, as a trusted and dedicated cosmetic dentist in North York explains, misaligned teeth impact the quality of your oral hygiene, leading to severe dental problems like tooth decay, gum disease and dental infection. These days, cosmetic dentists provide Invisalign treatment, a fantastic option for those who hate the appearance of metal braces but also want to straighten their teeth. Invisalign treatment is not just a cosmetic procedure as it’s significantly functional for people with crowded teeth, performed by both orthodontists and cosmetic dentists. Your teeth can be aesthetically corrected without the need for traditional braces, thanks to the invisible trays. While Invisalign treatment is significantly beneficial, some myths and misconceptions still make people hesitant to see a cosmetic dentist. To know whether Invisalign treatment is a wise investment, you need to have adequate information about it. Here is the most common myth about Invisalign treatment debunked by professional cosmetic dentists.

Invisalign Treatment Can Only Correct Simple Malocclusions

Many believe Invisalign treatment isn’t suitable for complicated problems like large gaps, missing teeth, severe crowding, etc. As cosmetic dentists explain, Invisalign can treat severe cases with unique attachment designs like elastics. Still, you have to choose a cosmetic dentist who is experienced and knowledgeable enough to perform this kind of treatment. If your cosmetic dentist cannot design suitable attachments, they may refer you to more professional orthodontists. 

Invisalign Treatment Isn’t a Good Option for Your Child

There is no problem with having Invisalign treatment for your child if their teeth are misaligned. However, the clear trays must be maintained carefully, which may not be possible for your children. Otherwise, you can ask a cosmetic dentist to design clear trays for your child if they are interested. 

All Clear Aligners Are the Same

The technology of Invisalign treatment has significantly developed over years due to considerable improvements in cosmetic dentistry. These days cosmetic dentists can provide you with amazing clear aligners that are accurately designed according to your tooth shape, size, movement and personal preferences. 

You Don’t Have to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene for Invisalign

Compared to metal braces, cleaning Invisalign is much easier as they are removable. Although you can talk, eat and brush your teeth easier with Invisalign, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to maintain standard oral hygiene. You still need an appropriate dental care routine to prevent tooth decay, plaque buildup and stained clear aligners. 

The Length of Treatment Is Shorter If You Have Invisalign

The time you need to wait to gain desirable results depends on the severity of your condition and compliance. You may experience a short treatment if your case is mild; otherwise, you need to be patient to see the results over time, just like when you have traditional braces. 

Remember to consult your cosmetic dentist and ask all your questions to make your final decision wisely.

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