Common foot problems and CBD

One of the parts of the body that faces some of the most strained working is the feet. They are subjected to a number of motion types that too accompanied by varying weights, motion types and speeds at different frequencies. This makes them vulnerable to accidents and likely situations that can lead to some painful foot problems. Now, there are a variety of treatments available for these foot problems but the most suggested and effective ones are CBD oil. They not only soothe the symptoms but also work on the internal healing of the damage. Here are some of the common foot problems and their CBD based solution.

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Basically in the case of feet, the condition is called Achilles Tendonitis. This is because it causes the rupture of the Achilles tendon responsible for connecting the calf muscle to the heels. It can occur to runners, trekkers and mountain climbers. Initially, there is a very mild pain which can even go unnoticed, however, it can build up and cause severe problems that require heavy treatments. CBD pain patches and capsaicin containing CBD are some of the recommended options for this condition.


A serious ailment in the foot region is the development of the gout. This is a condition that results from the excess build up of uric acid in the blood stream and its deposition in the foot region due to gravity. The crystals of uric acid form joints around the region of the big toe causing severe pain and swelling. This problem can be hereditary or can be a result of the disorders like diabetes, blood pressure, obesity or stress. This product of CBD known as Pain cream containing Lidocaine and CBD are one of the most preferred options to help soothe the symptoms and create a conducive environment for other treatments for the entire problem.

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