Avoid intake of long jack capsules and get rid of Virilization!

Tongkat Ali is a potent testosterone booster. This supplement is used to make the experience of sex of an individual even better. Sex plays a pivotal role in the life of every individual. This supplement is an aphrodisiac and provides its users with number of benefits. This is available in different milligram strength. The main benefits of this supplement are related to erections, enhancing libido, fertility in men, etc. These sexual benefits are meant for both the genders. This seems that the intake of this supplement helps in reducing stress and anxiety around sex.

The Tongkat Ali is also known as the Longjack, eurycomalongifolia jack, etc. Most of the men have seen benefits with increased health and erectile function. This is helpful in improving the quality of sperm, delaying ejaculation as well as increasing motility in men. There are no such evidences for the benefits of Tong Kat Ali for testosterone production.

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Other names:

The Long Kat Ali is known by several other names. Some of these names are listed below:

  • Eurycoma Longifolia jack
  • Malaysian Ginseng
  • Longjax
  • Pasak Bumi
  • Tung Sawa
  • Cay Ba¬† Binh
  • Langir Slam and many more.

This supplement is considered as a perfect choice for the individuals, who have interest in increasing their libido as well as their sex drive. There are several benefits of the Tong Kat Ali. Some of its benefits are listed below:

  • The foremost benefit of the Tong Kat Ali is that it is helpful in boosting the production of testosterone.
  • Improvement in sex drive and libido of men
  • Increase in the erectile health of men
  • Higher general well being
  • This works as markers of subjective happiness for both men and women.
  • This works as a fertility agent.
  • It is helpful in determining the health of the sperms for sexual reproduction.

Side effects of the Tong Kat Ali

  • The primary side effect for men is the undesired erection
  • This can create discomfort and anxiety

There are a number of changes that have been noticed in rats with the use of this supplement. This has been seen that most of the individuals take the extract of this plant only instead of the complete plant. The use5rs are suggested to take it in a recommended dosage, so as to avoid its side effects based on toxicity.

Dosage recommendations:

The dosage of this supplement is associated with a bioactive ingredient, i.e. the eurycomamone. The concentration of this supplement is about 200-300 mg of the extract, i.e. in the ratio of 100:1. The long jack has been used for numerous traditional practices as an aid to improve natural performances. This also works as a health tonic. This can be found added to tea, coffee and several other beverages meant for providing energy. It has been seen that the intake of this supplement helps in increasing the concentration of sperm in the infertile men. This is a male sexual enhancer.

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