4 Dental Implants in One Day

People who are missing teeth and in need of restoration are in luck. There is a new procedure called “All on 4 dental implants”. This is a technique in which all teeth are mounted onto four dental implants.

Do you dread the thought of inquiring about dental implants? You likely do not like the idea of going from one location to another to complete each of the steps needed for the dental implant procedure. Well, this is not the case with Teeth in One Day. Our dental office is a one-stop shop for all your dental implant needs.

Once you schedule an appointment, you will receive the quality care and service you need to have the dental implants process performed. You walk in with missing teeth and leave with a beautiful, natural-looking. From start to finish, Teeth in One Day is here for you.

When you come in for your initial consultation, you will be informed of the types of dental implants that are available. Some people have lost teeth due to periodontal disease or injury.  These people generally only require a partial or what is known as “single implants”.  Single implants are most common in people with minor tooth loss who prefer a dental implant as the alternative to an uncomfortable “flipper tooth”.  There is also the multiple implant technique; this is the option people with a number of missing teeth choose to have done. They have healthy gums and need to get the dental implants in an effort to keep their remaining teeth healthy and intact.

People choose Teeth in One Day for their All on 4 dental implant procedure for the following reasons:

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–We are qualified experts that are empathetic to each patient’s feelings of anxiety and know just what to do and say to make them feel at ease during the process.

–All available equipment is here within reach. There is no need to send results off to a lab to have implants made. You can get it all completed in one office visit.

–We have very accommodating financing options available. We can assist the patients that have any concerns about how much the dental implant procedure is going to cost.

–We also offer new patients a free consultation. During this appointment, we will discuss and answer questions regarding payment and best dental options.

–If needed, there is dental sedation available. This ensures that our patients are comfortable during the procedure and feel the least amount of pain possible.

–After the dental implant procedure is completed, we offer follow-up appointments to see how well the implants are healing and fusing to the jawline.

If dental implants seem to be the route you want to take to restore your missing teeth, give us a call today. Schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to get you on the right track to improving your dental health as well as your overall physical health and well-being.


Peter Simpson

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