4 Common Myths About Snoring And Its Treatment In Singapore

Snoring is one of the most common conditions that trouble nearly everyone. According to the Mayo Clinic, anyone could huff and puff while sleeping now and then. But due to its prevalence, numerous individuals think snoring is normal and does not need medical attention. Additionally, misconceptions about this ailment cause people to avoid ear, nose, and throat clinic visits in Singapore.

Are your beliefs about true, or are they based on hearsay or unproven accounts? Find out after learning about the four most common myths about the consnoring and its treatment options in Singaporedition:

Myth #1: Only Adult Men Snore

Contrary to popular belief, everyone could snore—including women, children, and even your sinus specialist in Singapore. While it is true that snoring is more common among men, it is not a condition that only affects a specific gender or age group.

Myth #2: Only Obese People Snore

While being overweight is a risk of snoring, you could make huffing sounds when you sleep even if you have an ideal weight. An ENT specialist in Singapore could say that you are prone to snoring if you have allergies or lumps and irregularities in your throat.

Myth #3: Sleeping Pills Can Reduce Snoring

Taking sleeping medications does not mean that you can reduce the frequency or volume of your snoring. Moreover, getting such pills in an ear, nose, and throat clinic could worsen your breathing as you sleep.

Myth #4: Snoring And Dehydration Are Unrelated

Drinking enough water every day could bring you numerous health benefits—including reduced snoring. Along with other remedies from your sinus specialist, you could avoid making grunting and gurgling noises at night.

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